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Monday, November 12, 2012


The moment inspiration wanders into my mind
Ecstasy creeps over me
And I become free of these anxieties
And varieties of thoughts and ideas I cannot grasp
I begin to wrap myself
Within a wealth of poetry
And creativity
Glory shifts to close proximity
An affinity for exceptionality
Enters the vicinity of my vision.

The moment inspiration wanders into my mind
It’s like nuclear fission
Producing valued energy
With which I can create something
Something that can impact me
Something that can impact you
Something that will impact many or few
Something will create a stew of celebration
And innovation.

For the moment inspiration wanders into my mind
I happen to find
A piece of me
That is greater than anyone expected
And that is reflected
In poems like these
That spread through me
Like a beneficial disease
That strengthen my knees

Yes the moment inspiration wanders into my mind
So does war
Because I have something worth fighting for
And some secret weapon
That is stored with in the cells of my soul

When I encounter inspiration
I should stop drop and roll
Because I find an internal fire
That refuses to tire until I’ve created something
Until I’ve grown a pair of silver wings
And submerged myself in romantic flings
With poetry.

So I’m going to thank you
For you have stimulated this moment
You have opened the hidden door in my skull
That allowed inspiration to leap into the crevices of my brain
For you are my refrain of romance and hope
You are the soap
That cleanses my worn form
You are the raging storm
That closes school and gives extra hours to do finish my biology assignment
But compels me to write anyway
You are a cold that won’t go away
And I’m fine with that because
Because if I were Dr. Seuss
You’d be the cat for my hat
And for all my life I’ve sat
For that glorious instant to occur
When something will stir inspiration from its sleep
And you’ve exhumed it, regardless of how deep it’s buried itself

And it’s those magical moments
I spend with you
Those instants inject me with life’s greatest wealth:
A subject
A purpose to write about
To fight about
To take some matches and ignite about
And there is no doubt
That these seconds shared with you
Make my moments of inspiration
Less few
And I think that is why I’m beginning to love you
Because when we are together
We don’t simply create moments
We create memories
And what are those?

They are moments sprinkled with magic
The ones that resonate with you
Whether they be elucidating or tragic
When the world seems stagnant
Within a moment
Especially within a moment embellished by your presence
The universe can be effervescent
Things can transform
Things like me
You see
A collection of moments
Have inspired me
To create this poetry
And that is what makes them so fantastic
Powerful and drastic
Moments are the root of all artistry
The conception of all reflection
And introspection
They give us the power to do

Meaningful moments are the planes that flew
All our great pioneers into the realm of discovery
And revision
They are the vision behind all innovation
They are a sensation
Whether they be the first time our lips collided
Or the final wave goodbye
Moments are the things that make me shy
When I’m around you
Because they brew
A rare potion of emotion
That connects us
And erects us from quiescence

 It’s the meek girl’s raised hand
The exuberant strum of the marching band
The first word that escapes the poet’s mouth
The second we evict doubt
The peace declaration
The wedding preparation
The election celebration
The baby shower invitation
The spring of a jump
The silly collapse on your rump
The simplicity of an abandoned stump
Oatmeal’s perfect lumps
The perfect harmony of a symphony and you and me
The innocent prisoner set free
The chorus of ABC

Each define us
Each refine us
Each design us
And we must
Cherish them
Like children
Or jewels
For they are the tools the universe uses
To make this life the only game of risk
Where no player loses.

Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm Trying Not To Write A Poem About You

I'm Trying Not to Write A Poem About You
I’m trying not to write a poem about you
Because if I do
Then that means we’re getting serious
And delirious
Thinking that
Us two can do
Anything but make fate furious
Make life smirk
And jerk us around
Lying that we have found that someone
To surround
Ourselves with
Because a relationship between us
Is a myth
It’s a sinking ship
A disjointed hip
A pancake burning on the stove unable to flip
So I’m going to zip my lips
Propelling these emotions into poetry
Vividly describing my fantasies
Of yous and mes
That will make us itch for each other
Because love is like a pack of fleas
It disturbs your normality and formalities
And replaces them with maladies
And fallacies
But yet when you catch my eye I crave to tumble to my knees
And roll around in the pieces of your soul
Forbidden love always takes a toll
But it keeps replaying on my record
Like the good ol’ rock’n roll
And I’ve witnessed how it stole
The opportunities to make things acceptable
And the unconventional boilable
And I just want to come up with the perfect rhymes
And times
And universes for me and you
But right now the world will clench us and chew
The fragments of beauty that compose us
Degrading us to dust
Oxidizing us into rust
Tossing away our royal flush
And I need to rush away from your arms
Because I’m afraid of the harm they can’t do
Because deep down I know I’m good with you
And like the unwoven laces of a shoe
That causes me to trip
My perception of responsibility to rip
My faith and culture to strip
And be stark naked in the wind
And we aren’t compatible anyway
It doesn’t matter that you like poetry
And me
My political views
And me
My activities
And me
And how you dance along me like the breeze
I’m allergic to you
Watch me sneeze
From these anxieties
And wheeze from the romance you use to infect me
Revise and redirect me
And I’m afraid to address a physician and let him assess me
Because he will send a request to me
To examine my internal rooms
And that’s just terrifying
Because I’ll discover that I’m defying all the values I was supposed to believe in
The “you date Jews” philosophy I was meant to breathe in
And never exhale
And you screwed that up
You gave me rain when I all I was ever to expect was hail
And my doting of you is only going to cause me to derail
From the path of a “nice Jewish boy” I was supposed to forever descend
And you my lovely friend
Have taken my hand
With your charisma and dashing smile
Dragged me on an extra mile to the left
And I can’t stand a world when I don’t have a chance of losing my first kiss to you
So my current universe has begun to unravel and undo
And I’m hoping that by writing these poems
That I can preserve what was I instructed to believe
That I can vent the sensations that my body wreathes
When you stare and me
That I can emerge from this sea
Of forbidden love and such
But I’ve never been a great swimmer
Just ask my sister
But do not list her
The context of the question
Because I’m anchored in this wrong but right direction
No longer ashamed of my reflection
Or agonized introspection
And now I’m baffled with the concept of creating an ending for this poem
Because I can’t even begin to foresee the finality of our reality
So I’m going to let these lines and rhymes close
But I hope our door never does.


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