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Monday, October 21, 2013

Literary Bondage

Guys find me intimidating
I get told it all the time
They're scared of the fact I swear and rhyme
They're afraid that someday I'll write poems about them
Because I can't hem my emotions
I attack the other sex with text and commotion
And the only sign of devotion
I get is when another guy Facebook messages me upset
And asks if he was the subject of my last blog post
They're not into the breed of girls who read
And I don't mean to boast
But to be honest I'm the only girl you'll meet who's into literary bondage
A gem who's into S&M
Similes & Metaphors
I've studied sirens and strumpets
Instead of hoes and whores
I won't be dismissive of being submissive
If subjugation involves conjugation and alliteration
I'd bend over for Homer
The big O that makes my knees turn to jello is Othello
Son, you can put your dick in some Dickinson
Get me a sonnet and I'll jump on it
Try some salvia with Sylvia 
I'll juice your grapes of wrath
I won't be your slam piece but I'll slam pieces
Any place, any time
As long as they're in rhyme
Right now, right here
Pierce me with your Shakespeare
I'll be your crime and punishment
Your pride and prejudice
I first read The Giver in middle school
I wont do you
But I'll haiku you
I haven't done Don Jon but I've felt up Don Quixote
Devoured him like chipotle
I'd be your windmill 
Be still
Get out your great gatsby 
Let's play a new version of the hunger games
Put your sorcerer stone
In a new chamber of secrets
Be the lord of my rings
And trust me
The only STD
You'll catch
Is a Moby Dick
Oh baby, I know about mice AND men
I'm the 10 who's been wuthering your heights
Eclipses and twilights
I know how to kill a mockingbird
And you may call me a nerd
Say I won't touch her because she's into literature
She's well read and has thoughts in her head
I'd rather limbo with a brainless bimbo instead
You've made a mistake
Because if you were awake
You'd see 
I'm the girl of your dreams
It was me
Who taught Yorick how to bone
I can change a tongue and tone
Because I'm a girl who knows how to write
But it's not the only thing I know how to do at night.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let Me Hate You Properly

i guess
i want adventure
to venture onto the ledge
pledge to uncertainty 
searching for variety
and liberty from the mundane
because nothing is as constricting as the same
inflicting the pain
it's against our biology
to be stagnant
a fragment of existence
i'm searching for resistance
revolution brewing in pollution
some evolution from the daily
re-enacting and compactly stalely 
pre-designed scripts
i want passion
to fashion mystery out of swaying hips
lips dripped in bad intentions
extensions of desires
inappropriate fires
let's want each other in the most unromantic ways
see skins as bins to waste our days
find clarity in the haze
because there's a disparity
with the fantasies that danced with me
and the reality that gazed back
an attack of disappointment

because i don't want you to apologize

i want you to be bad and mean it

 so when i think about you caring
i know that i can only dream it

because i want to properly hate you

despise and berate you
state you bullshitted your way into my heart
then i could be happy we didn't start
and depart from these moments
echoing in my head
but instead
you're sorry for trampling me
you nail the nice guy act to a tea
because it's not an act
and normally i have a knack for knocking out insincerity 
the authenticity you sent to me
has put a glitch in my ability to bitch
that you're the prick who lied
but you shatter me with that sorrow in your eyes
when i just want the right to despise you
in my own mind
so i'm looking for exploration of another kind
because meaning has become demeaning
eating through my core
so now i want adrenaline
pure risk
and nothing more.


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