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Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Can't Write You A Poem

So I was going to write you a poem 
But then I realized it was no use
Because words are too weak a medium
To express how blessed I am to have you in my life
I was going to put down some rhymes
But it didn't feel right
Because you see through my rhetoric
Can guess through my facade
Differentiate my wild crabgrass feelings from a preordered sod
You don't know the poet
You know me
You can detect when I'm trying to reflect or flee
And start reeling in my feelings before I can tell they exist
And my reception to people with your level of perception
Is usually fear
But with you I feel the safest
Because you manage to tape my shattered shape back together
And show me that even if we can't grab some shards that doesn't mean it weathered
And I'm tethered to you
Orbiting around you like a planet dancing beside the sun
Which is perfectly appropriate because you are radiant
Thoughtful in every gradient
Creative at every angle
You know how to communicate 
When all I can do is strangle
The situation with words
Drown it in punctuation and alliteration
I'm just trying to survive
And you want to save our generation
Reform the norm with a storm of understanding
And whenever we're together I start handing over the best pieces of myself
Because spending time with you is how I gain wealth
For you are my safe
The thing that saves me
Razor that shaves me
Tears off my anxieties
I love you 
Because you make me love myself
I don't have to be afraid
That I won't be good enough under society's blade
You are the cascade of aid that cannot fade
The crayon that strayed outside the lines
The only holy crusade
And what you mean to me can't be weighed in mere words
Because our moments together can't be degraded into speech
I refuse to bleach our relationship 
White out the shout of love underneath
For how much I cherish a person like you cannot be conveyed
So I'm sorry but your poem
Is going to be delayed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Worst Part

The tragedy 
wasn't that 
you couldn't love 
the worst parts 
of me
but that
the worst parts 
of me
tried to love
the best parts 
of you.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Feet Need Hands

Dear feet:
You do not exist solely to throw yourselves into my mouth
One of these days you're going to kick my teeth in
You belong on the earth
Keeping me grounded
On the road
Helping me move on fast
But instead you keep tripping
Making me fall for guys who only exist in memories
Are you the one who's kicking me in the ass?
Because I can't sit or settle
Skate or peddle steady

Dear feet:
Can you stomp on my head already
Crush my skull so I'm less hardheaded?
Did you rent a room in my heart
Because every time I think about the future my atria skips a beat
Is present the only thing for which you stand?

Dear feet:
You claim you want a run or pedicure
But all you need is a hand.


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