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Thursday, July 2, 2015


There are a lot of things I wish stayed in middle school
my six foot boyfriend and his six inch jewfro
my portrait snapped mid sneeze
and being the class piñata  
I’m halfway through college
and I still recognize my face on unwanted posters
my name better in gossip than greeting
Some of us never outrun our bullies
never discover how to conceal the kick me tattoos
We are never invited to the party
but find ourselves
dangling from the ceiling
neon limbs outstretched
from a crayon tinted belly

They parade beneath me
clenching thick clubs and sealed teeth
They say I’m too colorful
a flamboyant mess coated in paper maché skin
an elementary school experiment with safety scissor edges
bleeding from elmer’s glue ligaments

The game begins
Boys and girls take blind turns
stampeding me with wood
to see what they can beat out
as if I have not already felt the collision of fists
as if I haven’t rubbed salt in my own wounds
as if my life path isn’t paved with egg shells
As I’m choking on my noose
a friend whispers
they are just egg shells
I wasn’t invited but yet I am the main event of your fiesta

To all my pinatas;
the reason they swing
is because you hang three feet above them
Don’t forget they are men playing a child’s game
Empty heart chambers stab at our stomachs
because they’re desperate to consume our calories
Ask them,
what’s it like to be hollow?
to beat hypertonic blood and too much oxygen
create words but just spit out air
Call them a crowd of waning atmospheres
without enough burn to evaporate the sea you carry
the vulnerability to release your feet from the earth

I’ve learned my dangle is just clumsy flying
that my thick thighs applaud as I strut to class
that you picked the wrong piñata
that you can’t break me

and if you puncture my flesh,
bite me
I’m made of jawbreakers
hard enough to crack your strongest bones
My bubblegum lungs exhale bursts of stars
I don’t care if my flavor is too much for you to digest
They made my tongue from twizzlers and heart of hershey's

Let’s snicker at gravity
Even Newton can’t get us to obey his laws
They say every action gets an equal and opposite reaction
but we can drown stabs in a tsunami of sugar
kill them with candy

bursting our stomachs will only make us more hungry
so go ahead,

take a swing.

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