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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Feet Need Hands

Dear feet:
You do not exist solely to throw yourselves into my mouth
One of these days you're going to kick my teeth in
You belong on the earth
Keeping me grounded
On the road
Helping me move on fast
But instead you keep tripping
Making me fall for guys who only exist in memories
Are you the one who's kicking me in the ass?
Because I can't sit or settle
Skate or peddle steady

Dear feet:
Can you stomp on my head already
Crush my skull so I'm less hardheaded?
Did you rent a room in my heart
Because every time I think about the future my atria skips a beat
Is present the only thing for which you stand?

Dear feet:
You claim you want a run or pedicure
But all you need is a hand.

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