The Male Problem

I like boys. I like writing poems about boys and girls. Boys like thinking I'm writing poems specifically about them.

I'm usually not. 

I write to a "you" - a combination of all the male love interests in my life. The "you" is a literary figure in my work that is often exaggerated, fictionalized, and picked apart to better describe my internal ideas and perceptions. My poetry comes from memory and moments are deeply associated in my mind - pain from one guy is connected to another as are the kisses, talks, and discoveries. As an HSP, many of my emotions are felt very deeply, which is also a source of intensity in my writing. 

If a person is very directly and specifically being addressed I will use their name, which I have no problem with doing.

Another figure is the ex or "X" which does not mean someone I have been in an official relationship with, but rather a lover involved in my story and has been crossed out or currently removed. Flames that have fizzled, crushes that crushed me, etc.

This is discussed further in the poem "About My X".

I am not scorned. I am not heartbroken. I am a poet filled with rapidly changing emotions. Instead of letting them fester; I transform them into words. My goal is to communicate myself in the most effective way so I can part with overwhelming ideas. Sharing has become part of the cathartic process. It's not an attempt to publicize private moments, but how I put experiences both joyful and difficult to rest.


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