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Monday, June 18, 2012

Final Exam Diaries

Final Exam Diaries

the fluorescent lights burn
as i struggle to draw my eyes towards the endless vocabulary
i fail.
now i am here writing a poem
out of boredom and desperation
trying to find a sensation
superior than that of studying for a final exam
the pencil is beginning to indent my hands
and still 85% of this material i can't understand
so i sit typing
and wiping false statistics upon a poem
grasping onto a few rhymes
hoping i won't go ballistic and thrust my computer 
against the sterile library wall
and whisk myself away to the inner halls
of my mind where i can find
some salvation or at least a mirage of some chocolate
i need coffee
i love coffee
as long as it doesn't taste like itself
i need to sugarcoat things
drape my world in diamond rings
staple golden wings 
onto the ordinary
because the ordinary is going stale
just like the sandwich beside me
can someone hide me in a cavern
free of examinations and spanish?
because my current educational fuel has left me famished.

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