Translucent Affections

when i first realized i felt this way about you
i couldn’t breathe
suddenly all my bones and marrow and organs began to wreathe
an intense feeling of euphoria
not the kind that they wrap around you in classically contemporary cliches
an utopian sensation
some kind of internal recreation
that i couldn’t calm
that i didn’t want to subdue
the pulse of fresh love for you
it delivered some peace within my worries
like a strange dove swimming down the cascades of my soul
it made me want to act
and forced all my insecurities to contract within a miniscule box to be discarded
because now something wonderful has started
young love
like peeling an orange and sticking your teeth within its citric flesh
and you can see that right now i am a complete mess
i don’t know how to act or how to dress
just to mesh every minute of my life to winning you
while making a futile attempt not to obsess
over your sapphire eyes
and how they don’t make my heart fly
but soar
and how watching you in english
is the only reason last week i didn’t snore during that grammar unit
so come on
let’s do this
you know how it goes
just stand up and tell him you like him
that the idea of him touching your hand makes your head spin
come on now
you can lose or win
take the plunge
you're running so rapidly
now is the time to lunge
into this pool of affection
a current
a new direction
the stew of electricity
of pure fluorescence that will shatter over you
that can pierce the darkness that has devoured you
now is the moment to rise and fight off
 everything that won’t let you seize a night off
so i’m here running up the row and kissing you
it’s my first
who knew?
suddenly i do more than see but have sight
i conquered the darkness
i shall revel in your light.


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