Diversity Means:

A state of difference; dissimilitude; unlikeness.

That’s what Webster says

But he is wrong
For the part of the song that is diversity is not dissonance
But harmony
When two different voices weave gracefully
A vibrant tapestry of separate ideas
Different places and keys
To doors that only a single one is incapable of opening
Diversity is when we
Are one
You and me
Yes, just the two of us
Not every hand of every race
Holding each other on a mural’s face
For I know that diversity is more than that
Diversity doesn’t have to mean the entire world
There is diversity in our own homes
In our own hearts
In my heart
Every time you walk my way
The diversity means the stew of emotions frolicking within my deepest chambers
Nervousness and then comfort
Begging for me to mold myself within your arms
Or run away
The phenomenon that I cannot classify as natural or not
When one human can get so many thoughts
But can derive nothing to say
That is diversity
Diversity is defined
By the time we first danced
The rigid ice of my movements
Cradled by the flimsy uneasiness of yours
How both fluidity and order lurked in the awkward teenage affair air
Diversity means the moment when I thought I knew what it all means
Yet I still felt lost
To me it is defined
Not by rigid lines
Just when two things, two feelings, two people
(If you can even call us people when we are together,
for I feel we are just spirits
dispensing in the moments or surrendering ourselves to these emotions we cannot control)
That are separate become one
When differences become cohesive and create one being
One memory
One beautiful thing
That is speckled with the ingredients that make us each separate
And make us
And blazing
A fire that we want
That we need
To burn up each of our homes
Diversity is when I look at your aphotic complexion
And then you brush against my cheek
And joke about how I make the snowflakes freefalling on us
Look like they dived off a tanning booth
I’ve always said that I wanted to yield children of my same blood
And diversity means that nothing could be more delicate and ethereal than our two identities
So separate
Merging as one
Diversity means that in one relationship
We can laugh over how the repulsiveness of school lunches has increased exponentially
And then talk about the paths we are taking and paving
In one conversation
Diversity does not mean
Just variety
Diversity does not mean
Two colors
Or thoughts
Or dreams
Or directions
Or schemes
Diversity is when those thoughts are joined
When those dreams become a single blooming vision
The two directions merge into one road
When multiple schemes are overarched as a magnificent theme
Yet each individual retains its own identity
When we can still look at the beauty of the different components
And admire all they have to offer
Diversity means that the fusion
Is turbulent
And is meant
To be
A mission
That we must all grab with soft yet firm fists
Diversity means this world
Diversity means us
And if we mean something
Then we are meant to be.


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