Eulogy Poem

The first eulogy poem I ever wrote. It's about how futile this band of poetry is.

The Eulogy Poem
The truth is
I could write a thousand poems
All of them beautiful
But at the end of each stanza
You’re not going to be any less dead
You’re not coming back
And I may never see your adorable grin
Never kiss you hello or tell you how much I love you
I may never laugh at your simple charm
I may never have an adventure with you again
Or ride a rollercoaster
Or cook wearing matching chef hats
Or stare at you marvelous, huge hands
With spots of yellow and blue and little black hairs poking through like daisies
Always cold that made me so warm
I may never see you again, Grandpa.
But I will always love you, I swear
I wish I had spent more time upstairs with you
Instead of watching T.V.
I wish that I had lain with you in bed more
Read more stories
Got more kisses.
But nothing I write here is going to change that.
At the end of the day
This is just a poem I wrote for my creative writing class
It’s not going to bring you back
Or tape in more memories in our book
This poem isn’t going to tack up any extra jokes or smiles
It is only going to simply be graded and handed back
But if this poem does anything
I hope it is whispered through your ears wherever you are
At that you know I’m not just writing this for the sake of writing a good poem
I am writing this because I think of you, Grandpa
And sometimes I get angry with myself for not thinking of you more
I hope that wherever you’re eating chocolate ice cream
And reading in your big chair
That you know
That I love you
And how you’ve touched me
And you’ve taught me
To live with dignity and honor
Laughter and sternness
Bravery and creativity
Entrenched in my every movement
Just like you.


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