Sandy Hook Massacre

Today 28 individuals were murdered at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut. The majority of those people were children.
This may be the most horrifying shooting up to date. It's not about the death count; it's about the babies.
When you are that young, you aren't even capable of hate. You love the world. It's appalling that someone would commit such an unanswerable act. When we are young, we can be defenseless, but we are also so strong. These kids were stronger than the shooter because they had souls that still thought that the universe was a beautiful place.
There are few times I've cried while watching the news, but today I'm beyond devastated.
You don't kill babies. They are some of the most beautiful things we have. They smile like every moment is a dream.
My heart is hurting.
I wish I could come up with some action to take, but I don't know what to do. I don't think anything can mend the hole that has been made in our community.
All I can do is pray for the families destroyed, the teachers who took on the roles of heroes, and the souls of those children who will never get the opportunity to dream of the things I worry about.


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