This week
Sarah dyed her hair blue and yellow
And decided to stop saying extraneous likes.

She knew that 
the second change was infinitely more complex than the first.
She told me she couldn't do it cold turkey
That "like" had seeped into her
It was intrinsically linked to her speech
To the thoughts in her head
And even though my science major roommate and I
Are often too busy looking at the world through our own perspectives
That we rarely see eye to eye
 I understood.

is the best defense mechanism we've got
Let's us think about what we are about to say
Without submitting to the awkward shame of consideration
Without admitting that we don't know something
Is the ultimate dialogue filler
It gives us an excuse to elaborate on things
We want to
But don't need to
It's the window that feelings pop their heads through
Where opinions weave into the facts
And we don't become narrators
But people
Is where you find your voice
And even though it sounds juvenile
Uneducated and unrefined
It makes sense
Because speaking is immature
Growing up is a form of surrendering
Realizing that you have opinions
But the world
Or at least some of it
Will hate you for them
And funny enough
Is agreeable
But like-able
Is powerful
It's expression at it's most subtle state
It's a speech sanctuary
Because it makes placing your heart within your mind
Seem natural
And I don't know about biology
The way Sarah does at least
But I do know that my body
My life
Has taught me
To bind my soul within my bones
Let it navigate through the narrow trails of marrow
Because we are not given the courage
To make ourselves vulnerable
But like is defiance
And rebellion
Is what the afraid call revolution
Which are now all concepts in Sarah's freshly multicolored hair
And I'm really happy that worked out for her
It probably would make her sound sharper
But like
I hope her second resolution doesn't.


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