Cool Hipster Garbage Soup

I’d pay a million dollars for a piece of your breath
A slice that was just inhaled for me
air that escaped with your lips with mine on your mind
I want to be the one to thin your skin
because that would deny more distance between
my hands and your heart
I want to touch you
wrestle my fingers through your cool hair
slide em across that cool jean jacket
and whatever cool hipster garbage soup of the day
you’re wearing

because you know I love that shit
because maybe emotional unavailability turns me on
I want a parking spot someone else is in
and will wait outside it for that extra fifteen minutes
if it looks like she’s leaving

you said you’re too postmodern for love
well I’m too post the modern
past these daily scams of romance that burrow into our social media
tell us to communicate with each other
but not ourselves
selling temporary as an asset
and connection as collateral
I’ll shut you up
tell you not to be another one of those artsy damaged boys
who’ve left my atria out to rot before
but I really mean don’t be that obvious about it
you never go out for the drive
when you see the collision down the road
shards of windows
shreds of tires
rubber rushing across the tar
I never see the blood
just the steel
as if I was never inside of it at all
it was just a piece of me
a borrowed body filled with fluid affections infecting
like gasoline pouring through veins
because I’ve been conditioned to see love as merely fuel
for art or gossip
precious somethings than qualify me as wanted
so I twist my wheels forward
pretending I will reach the horizon
but baby I want to collide with you
crash pieces of myself against your flesh
eroding my hard skull
to break through some of my thoughts
I don’t want to think
I want to fall through you
wander behind you
let me be your shadow
drag me across the ground
just let me grip you by the heels
and follow you through the universe
throw the crinkled balls of feelings
at me
I'll try to catch enough of them
glue bits together
until the shreds
shape the man I want you to be
or at least I want to have

If you’ll have me.


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