Let's Make Love

The inconvenient truth is that I’m a hopeless romantic. 
An insane, 
poetry writing, 
long dress wearing 
reckless hopeless romantic. 
The kind that finds a Nora Ephron film life affirming. 
And I’ve never seen a happy relationship in my life. 
The only kind of love I’ve ever witnessed is a glorified form of settling. 
But damn I want to love you with my every particle, 
every molecule and vein. 
dance without rhythm
and lay
skin to skin
scratch to scar
Because it never feels like falling
It always feels like skydiving. 
I’m up so high that as I soar downward 
I am breathing for the first time. 
So let me crash through the atmosphere
Crash on your couch. 
In your memories, into you 
so fast and so hard 
that that our love will be a crater 
the scientists will study, 
a pseudonatural wonder. 
Let’s make history. 
Let’s make love.


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