Manic Pixie Dream Girl - CoWritten with Marissa Perez

A manic pixie dream girl is a quirky film character who falls in love with the  male protagonist makes him feel alive. Our movie begins with her.

the ordinary world
enter, boy
lonely and brooding, archetype of the misunderstood
I rollerblade 13 minutes in
a balloon in my hand
an indie soundtrack in your eardrum
I sit under a tree in his favorite park
Hair color matching grass
facial piercings glitter in the sun
I catch his eye, fit the scene
for a love story he wrote before even meeting me


He sees me spit poems in a floral crown
Which I collect
I am a collector
of Thrift store receipts and boys who ask for my number before my name
Because I'm also a collectable
A silver token for your trophy shelf
More idea than identity
More character than person
More plot movement than woman
Besides Zooey Deschanel and Kate Winslet
We are manic pixie dream girls
And men love us for sport


You feed me alphabet soup until I puke up love letters
You never learned how to cook up your own fulfillment
So I’m supposed to pour into the blank spaces
where your sense of self should be
I am a prop
here’s my body
you use it as a platform to make yourself tall
reach gratification
Oscar worthy production design
The cinematography is shot from your point of view
What's the budget for channelling a free spirit in a mind of mirrors?
A relationship?
You can't date an experience

You directed
Save me
From my car crash organs
Tissues crumbled with surrender
I donated my atria
Trying to fix your bitter
fix your empty
and you gave me hollow acoustic guitar songs in return
And now you want me to open my thighs like jaws of life
but you can’t make love to a fantasy
My vagina isn’t a dumping ground for your insecurities


I'm a scene in your feature
And you cut to the climax
You Fade in
I Fade out


the thing about letting a woman be your temple
Is when you kneel in peach sunbeams
You forget our skin is stain glass
Mosaic broken
bound by abandoned promises
You walk over our cracks like sidewalk
Afraid of breaking the back of your fantasy
Just because my lips are painted purple
doesnt mean I’m made to kiss your bruises
You can’t keep making bandages out of people
because to you,
I’m just the path to a less foggy mirror
but we are tired of being shrunk down to make you feel big
I've had enough sleepless nights to realize that I may be a manic pixie dream girl
But the dreams are only yours
I want to rupture reality
I want to go off script
I want to go out
Fade out
Out of this body
Out of these lines
life isn't played across a silver screen
You can't crumble each breath into a frame
You can’t diminish my personhood into a single scene
because I am not a character
I am the writer
And this story is about me.


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