We fuck like wolves
Matted hair drenched across the sheets
Two alphas love-wrestling in bleeding starlight

I tell him
Bite my clothes off
Devour my bones

He likes that I howl for him
Likes that I make too much noise

I say I like him

He tells me
Don’t to get too attached

So I bark at him to rip my limbs off

I’ve spent too many nights with clawless betas
Hungry for some hunger
Thirsty for some racing blood
Here, there’s no space for softness
No lullabies between our sleepless snarls

Beta kissed me so many times
Whispered how he liked my face
Liked me intense
Offered to buy my first pair of blue jeans
and teach me to tie my shoes
He untucked my arm from its awkward bend
My head a precious magnet on his refrigerator chest

In the morning
He offers me a pear
Attempts to help me clasp my velvet choker
Even though he has no nails

He was so human
Until he wasn’t

The moon cracked like a porcelain plate
His nose shattered into a snout

I felt a werewolf breathing on my neck
Too unholy to be man or monster
He fled towards the forest with no goodbye.

I know what you are.

Hold me in your fangs.
Stick your talons around my waist.

Just don’t let me go.


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