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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Every time I hold your hand
I feel like I’m touching the universe

I said, walking down the train platform
Our forms shuffling through the night

On it is the residue of every hand you’ve shook
Pencil you’ve held
Door you’ve opened
Sprinkling onto my palms
Every finger that inhabited earth before you
The skin cells of all the creatures
That we share this planet with

He shifted our cupped clench
To the intertwined lacing
He knows I like better

I wonder if kissing works the same way
If you reach for my lips
Will I taste all the girls you’ve held before me?


He told me
Holding my face in his hands

Because kisses exchange more than atoms
I pass through my lips
slivers of my aorta
Memories and moments
Organs I didn’t even know existed
And they decay much faster than skin cells
The shards I donate with each collision
Are only for you


I whispered

Because I’m not willing to share them
With anyone else.

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