I Fixed Your Broken Heart

I heard I broke your heart
So I made you a new one
I knitted its veins together
So you’d have a sweater inside your soul
Used guitar strings as sinews
So you could strum along to your own beat
Its lock has multiple holes
So even if you gave away its key
You could still let someone in
I paved a few yellow bricked roads
So it would be easy to follow
Carved some ears so it could listen
Pushed in pens so it could speak
All my pennies were deposited inside its chambers
So you’d be familiar with having a change in it
I took away the blinds so it’d be too afraid to carry secrets
Fed it broccoli so it could grow big and strong
Instead of blood
I filled it with music
Replaced the plasma with streams of consciousness
Poured in laundry detergent
So its motives would be clean
I attached a parachute so it wouldn’t be afraid of falling for something
I lined your heart with garbage bags so it could be hefty strong
Inserted happy meals so you’d be lovin’ it
Within it lies a Harvard diploma to convince you it’s smart
But a degree in meteorology
So it could weather any storm
Inside I stuffed a caterpillar nest
So one day
It’ll be overwhelmed with butterflies
Soaring recklessly through its ventricles
I plastered its walls with dictionary pages
In case it needs to redefine itself
And scarlet pens so it could be rewritten
I’m sorry I broke it before
Shattered it like a mirror that displayed
A reflection I couldn’t bear to face
But maybe this one is better
Maybe, just maybe
this one could love me.


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