If Stares Could Speak

They’re always talking about how if looks could kill
But I wonder about if stares could speak
I feel your pupils on me
See your head pulled towards my direction
Floating in my peripheral vision
You’ve sealed your lips
Leaving only your eyes open
Since we’re not talking
This is the only way I can decipher what you have to say
Are you looking at my low cut shirt
Or the rips in my facade?
Now that we face separate directions
Are you trying to see eye to eye?
I’ve turned my back on you
Brushed back the wisps of hair dangling in your fingertips
I left you in a pocket of memories
Filed you away
Along with the sets of VCRs I’ve already seen
I know the ending
So I’m not watching you anymore
But as my friends’ eyes collide with yours
While they wall me off from you
The only obstacles in your vision’s path to me
I wonder
What is there left to look at?
Why put an album on repeat
Unless you feel like the song is not over?


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