Only For Now

When I hear the words
Together we can
I don’t think about halting the oppression plaguing the world like bedbugs on our sheets
Or the tyranny grasping the souls of the innocent
When I listen to that phrase
I only hear you and me
Because boiling in my soul I know that together we can
Make each other’s hearts flutter
Like the vibrating wings of a hummingbird
And make our juvenile tongues stutter
And that’s fine, because the words spoken by our eyes are already heard
And that together
I won’t need to spend my time decaying in Sephora buying blush
Because when I’m beside you
My smile tingles
My emotions mingle
And I am in a whirlpool of waterfalls and bowling balls
Crashing through my chest
Because every moment with you is a rush
I know that together I would never feel lost
In this labyrinth of life
Because you would always be there
Devouring shadows and flicking on the light
Hidden in a crevice in my mind
One that gets lost in the darkness
One you always seem to find
I know that together
I’ll never feel foul or feeble
Or just plain senseless or wrong
Because when you speak
You say I’m beautiful: eyelashes thick, speech strong
Because your voice runs along
Through me like a symphony
A brilliant bird’s song
Rippling through my heart
Together we can.
But for now, we’re apart.


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