A Quick Message

I haven’t posted in a while
But when I do it makes me smile
Shrivels all my discomfort in a pile
Okay I may be embellishing for poetic effect
But I’m just hoping that these words will reflect
A smudge of gratitude
I have towards you
My near and dear reader
My gentle heart beater
For without you these poems would simply be descriptions
Not statements
Devoid of all meaning
Without you I would not bother re-enter my rhyme scheme
My work could not rock another into a dream
It would be just some scattered screams
Falling apart at the seams
You give me organization
A celebration
An odd sensation
Of success
You give me a reason to dress
With a little conviction
To not weep at every dismal prediction
To let my words be more than fiction
But my story
So please my lovely friend
Do not make this relationship end
Even when the lines get boring.


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