Rebel Rant

Don’t try to put me in a cage
I’ll just emerge more enraged
Because I am something you won’t confess
I am a writer
My words can’t be oppressed
You might plunge me
Within a heap of lies you named bureaucracy
A dungeon of corruption you call democracy
But with these hands I can stand
Against this hypocrisy
 I’ve seen you stich my lips
With iron thread
But that won’t imprison the truth within my head
It’s only letting my passion and creativity be fed
Shove me down
Just go ahead
My petals will just bloom in a more daring fuchsia
And I’ll hold up a mirror to your cursed façade medusa
and your inner ugliness will penetrate
the righteous body you have strived to create
I’m underage
To fight
To vote
To drink
But not to drape these words on this page
And you can say I’m unafraid
But you would be underestimating me once again
You see, my wretched friend
I’m terrified
Of your shackles, your laws, your repeated lies
And lines
Of you dear court who defines me as crazy
You can only tell someone their sanity is slipping
So many times until they begin to question themselves
Begin shredding the fabric of who they are
I can still face you though
Because my bruises have been bolstering the suit of steel
That I will wear when I reel back in
What is real
Of the truth you repeatedly have strove to steal
So you would think that your decision
Your condemnation
Your scorn
Is more that something you were paid to feel
So go on, shriek it simple and plain
Call me insane
But that can’t tousle my mane
For I’d rather be a lunatic and virtuous
Than what you call in touch with reality
And a cruel soul
That lets innocent children face vicious toll
And yes I understand
That this is a rant
But do you think I give a damn?
I have the right to claw at the world
After all this vindictiveness hurled on me
And you see
All I do is twirl in the same whirl
Hoping that perhaps by writing the same poems I will swirl
And spell out these words
Repeating to myself that this is the only way I can rebel
But I know now I have to do more
Rebel against the system of war against injustice I have used so many heartbreaks before
I need to write letters
Use fancy headers
To world leaders and senators
Activists and renovators
Of this damaged earth
So one day our world can prove its worth
And I can refine mine
I’m done complaining
I’m onto rearranging
Now hurry up, don’t lag too behind.


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