This is the poem I wrote for a slam
Something that dove into my mouth from my hands
To tell you who the hell I am
And I know that once I get the flow
These words can be heard
And understood
No, I didn’t grow in the hood
But I have felt pain
The kind of agony that drives you insane
Harsh memories that you wish you can pour down the drain
Like the bath tub gin Ms. Hannigan is always sipping
And now this poem is tipping
From the kind of rap tap slap drama that was dripping
From my mouth in the beginning
Because I made an allusion
Not an illusion
But I can create one of those too
If that pleases you
I know if I can get these words right
I have the power to give you sight
Into my world
To show you I am not ordinary girl
I am a poet
And I’ve been proud to show it
From the moment I began scribbling these sentences at 11:20 at night
To the moment I am speaking them to you now
Damn I lost my rhyme scheme
And I now I have to dream a bunch of sounds that can cuddle with your ear
Because without this glitz I doubt you would bother to hear
The message I am trying to share
I know it’s there
But I quite haven’t found it yet
This makes me upset
Because I need this work to resonate with you
Reinvigorate and redo
All these problems that have turned our world into a zoo
Like rape and intolerance
Wars wrath
Mothers shoving their babies into a bath
And not even taking the time to clean up their own act
I want to touch upon
Something greater than Real Housewives marathons
$5000 Louie Vuitton’s
While there is poverty
Equality’s inconsistency
Sounds that haven’t been found
Am I sounding profound to you?
I pray I do
Because that’s why stirring these words into a poetry stew
Hoping your impression of me has flew
Oops flown
Man I need to own what I’m saying
So everyone doesn’t think I’m playing
Because this is for real
If I’m going to change this world I need syllables like steel
Ones that do more than rewind the movie reel
But change the frames
Rearrange the pain
Give the limping elder a cane
So I will never have to refrain
These words in another poem
I can just take these and show them
And you will understand
That I don’t want to hold your hand
But lift you from the shadows
End all the battles
Slaughter evil like cattle
I’m sorry if this offends you
I’m not a vegetarian
I’m a humanitarian
You know what?
I’m not sorry
I’m proud of every word that I have found
To grace the air
So be prepared
I’m done being scared
And unsure
That my words are too juvenile
To be heard
I’m a nerd
And I am capable of using sophisticated vocabulary
But I don’t want to talk down to you
This may be literature
But it’s most importantly a conversation
And I want you to respond
Are you fond of each letter’s location
My description of the situation
Come talk to me
 But be patient
Just pause
Because I think I need more time to iron out these flaws.


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