I'd Be A Cactus Flower

If you were a bat
I would be a cactus flower
You would shower me with your dark body
Searching for my nectar
I would be the crime
And you the inspector 
Your velocity would only be one vector
Propelling you towards my form
Because we were born to be together
And the fact that my petals are a bland white
Would not sever
The bond that stands between you and my hand
Because your only vision is a sonogram
The form of my being is the only thing your seeing
And we only meet at night so we must be dreaming
For indeed
My imagination has been scheming 
For it’s left me beaming when there is nothing but darkness
And I must confess that you possess 
The power to pollinate me
To regenerate me 
Into more than I thought I could be
You create hybrids
New varieties
Of the angiosperm
I’ve only learned comes in one model
But this vision is just a vision
It’s fabricated and hollow
Because you are not a bat.
You are a boy.
A stupid, stupid boy
And you go for the dicots
That you think are hot 
Because their patterns are standard
And I am a monocot
I’m scattered with intangible dreams
And my xylem and phloem are not arranged in careful seams
So you ignore colorless me
And choose girls with more vibrant pedals
But little do you understand
That the girl who grasps your hand
The one who you want in your pants
Is one of those pitcher plants
She grows from acidic soil
And will supplement her lack of nutrients through putting you through toil
But you don’t let the truth boil over
Because you chose her over me
But I am herbaceous
She is woody
She’s more stable
But I am able to photosynthesize
To take the sunlight and transform it to energy right before your eyes
And most guys despise that fact that I have a knack at taking each smack and throwing them back
That I’m not afraid to retract the thoughts I spat even if that doesn’t attract more visitors to my pistil
Because she is glass and I am crystal
We might look the same
Break the same
Both seem tame
But one day you will know my name
And you will gain value just by association
Because I come from a different nation
Where there is a celebration of deliberation
Of girls who think and speak their mind
And I wish I could find you as a bat
Because if that was true
I’d be a cactus flower for you
But I am me
And you are you
And the only thing sane to do is to remain this way
Not caged but in a zoo.

In honor of my AP Biology teacher, Ms. Steinberg, and our 7th period, misbehaved class.


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