God Doesn't Care About You

Hey there
I don't mean to interrupt
But God left the answer to your prayers in my mailbox
and thinking of the whole
love thy neighbor thing
I thought I'd stop by

What do you mean
God doesn't care?
God doesn’t care who you slept with last night
Whether you were married
their gender
what you’re eating
Whether you get that job or girl
God doesn’t give a shit
If you show up on Saturdays or Sundays
If you cheat on your test or wife
If you go to college
God doesn't care if you believe
Because God believes in herself
Because God is fucking God
the clock creator doesn't spare seconds of worry over
If your political or religious views are right
If you think the Grand Canyon’s a let down
Or Siberia's too cold
Most of all God does not care
if Beyonce is vegan

You are a pixel in a netflix binge
blurring into daylight

To those who say God is full of shit:
don't forget
God has tons to give
God cares
when you freeze House of Cards
in the middle of a season finale
you miss the toilet and don't clean it
When you reduce forests to shredded pages
Bomb his cities
Rape a fourteen year old girl
Polluting music with hate speech
Attacking pregnant wives with serrated blades
Selling skin for oil
and justice for power
Whispering the name to propel rockets at preschools
Murdering families because you don’t like the pigments
God put in their skin

To those who sew mouths shut:
God made them open for a reason
Gave women and children and minorities mouths
to speak
And ears
for us to listen
truth to find
Freedom to enjoy
life lined with liberty
to carve a path down each intersection
God hates when you destroy creations
Degrade oceans to junk yards
And women to punching bags
Ignoring operating directions placed in every vein
that makes you a human being
God doesn’t care how old you are when you drink
but when you’d rather do it than father your children
rather vomit your values than learn to carry them through sunrise

God cares about a lot of things
But he doesn’t care about you
Or me
He cares about us
so it's about time
we give a shit about each other


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