Sorry For Writing About You

I’m going to write something amazing
Something they’ll dissect in English classes
And reference in modern black and white films
Laced with stupid inspirational quotes new adults will pen into their skin
You’ll see it all over tumblr in thousands of infantile fonts
And you’ll want to hate it
But my words will still mean something
No matter how many empty mediums they’re spread across

I’m going to write something
That ivy league hopefuls will quote in their college essays
Which perfectly good writers use as their wedding vows
Because I said it all, better, and first

I’m going to write something
That doesn’t sound like me at all
It’s going to be mature and elegant
Success not undermined by ambition
That gives this earth the impression that I’m wise
Instead of young and human
I’m going to use rhymes as an icepick to wedge myself between the classics
My grandmother will repeat the lines to herself as she stitches together scarves
Sentences that will stay as an infection of dementia crawls through her mind

I’m going to write an explanation
That outlines why
The universe is anything but a solitary stanza
After graduating to extreme all schools of thought go to the same university
We think we need to diet to really live
I’ve noticed that
The tears of terrestrial creatures taste like the ocean
Is pain what ties us to the sea
Or does it evoke the agony of losing it?

We focus on the firsts
But I’m going to write about the lasts
The final kisses, finds, and failures
Integrate train tracks with animal spoors
Using my hands to carve footprints
Understand how we fly through time but only fall in love

I’m going to write it all
Not today or tomorrow
But in the echo of one of these moments
So you can complain that being a character in my existence
Means that you become a person in my writing
But at the end of the day

You’ll want that poem to be about you.


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