About My X

You were never my boyfriend
But I still call you my ex
I watched you cross me out 
On a page of your story
Edit me like a misspelling
Extract my presence like a typo
I stood in shock as you made a mess of us
You had no white out
And I had penned myself in with ink 
Too thick for you to erase
So I saw you scribble the two jagged lines in a reckless crimson 
Bury the memories in your tangled hand
Instead of creating a new Eve
You grew a few more ribs to cage your heart
I wonder though if you ever turn back
Peer through the scarlet scratchings
And try to read between the lines
You've ripped your hands trying vaporize me
Layer the affection in destructive decisions
Rather than simply rip me out altogether
Means I'm the most interesting page in your book. 


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