I Want To Date A Hipster Boy

I want to date a hipster boy
Who takes me to underground cafes  
Educates me on music I’ve never heard of
Who plays at least three instruments
One of them made out of repurposed oak
I want to share kale salads and art cinema
With a guy
Who whispers secrets through his kisses
Measures love in instagrams
Takes me sailing past the mainstream
A sweater collared shirt combo
Who likes his glasses and polaroids in thick frame
I’m looking for someone who listens to the same spoken word as me
Who can write ballads on his harmonica
And love me
Because it will never be cool
I want to date leftover scruff
And irony under eyelids
The only thing skinnier than his lattes are his jeans
You see I’m trying to typecast my lovelife
Make a role for someone to fill
When really I’m just trying to replace you
Stuff the void with a similar vibe
But the truth is you weren’t really a hipster
You were not an archetype
A cliche or fantasy
You were a person
My person
But ever since we connected every call I’ve received sounds foggy
The words slurred
As if every conversation is a drunken mistake
I wonder if you are searching for me
Trying to find a poet girl
Who wears flowers in her hair
And her heart on her sleeve?
Does she sell her life story
trade her flesh for lines?
Maybe you’re looking for someone different
Prescribing yourself a new chaos
Because you’d rather drink wine than arsenic
I know that I shouldn’t be chasing your eyes on different faces
But you are the blueprint for my love, my dear
The only foundation I have to construct a relationship
So I’m going to keep using it
Even though it only let ours fall down.


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