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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Cheer and Movie Fear

It is holiday season once again, and that means traditions shall be brought back to life. As your typical Long Island jew, I continued my Christmas Day custom of visiting the movies. I love it, and usually the movies this time of year are great. This year I saw with my mother The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
The movie had a complex brillant plot along with terrific character development, but man was it brutal. I have never seen such graphic sexual and physical violence in my existence. At times it seemed as if it wasn't even trully needed. SPOILER ALERT: the main character was viciously raped on screen, and it actually wasn't related to the larger plot, just for character development.
This spawned a question to you underaged voices:

To get attention to one's work, is brutal graphic violence needed? Or should the craft speak for itself?

I also recently saw Hugo, Martin Scorsece's newest film. He is best known for violent works like The Godfather but this movie was rated PG. It was not a children's movie. It had a depth and beauty only an adult can enjoy. By doing this, leaving out unnecessary curses and violence, did Sorsece sacrifice attention, or did he create a film strong enough to shine without the soot?

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