Onto Deeper Waters

Here's a little something I wrote during math. Enjoy!

Onto Deeper Waters
I’ve got these currents of words
Streaming through my head
My English teacher calls it poetry
But I know it’s something more
Because the warmth is so strong I find its gravity pulling me to the floor
And for a mere second the reasons for my existence are sure
For every time I let these creeks of words drip onto a page
I feel saved
And brave
I’m dancing in the sunshine
Everything is just fine
I don’t feel a need to rewind
All those words that spilled from my peach lips
Instead of my wrinkled fingertips
Because I know that these poems
Can polish the jagged angles and broken glass
That can sometimes define the past
And these poems are something that will last
And although I could never run fast
The instant I write this
I can fly
I can feel
All the bliss
That so many miss
That this life has to offer
So I swim in these streams
Of poetry rushing through the boulders of my body
And I know that in these translucent warm waters
I will never drown
Because all alone inside the waters of my mind
I am finally found
And one day I’m going to find the ocean
Purify my soul in the waves’ commotion
Listen to my heartbeat’s true sound
I will no longer flee but
Follow that urge
And submerge
And be free
And finally see
That the essence rippling through this sea
Is the real me.


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