Time to See Writing Outside of my Laptop...

Hey everyone! What a week! First a colossal thank you to all those who liked Underage Voices on Facebook! Your support means a lot in the quest to get my internet child off the ground. 

I honestly believe that poetry and expression has rescued me--from the tragedies I have encountered and many dimensions of emotions within myself.My favorite medium is slam poetry, a form of poetry that is written to be spoken aloud. This style does not just encourage sharing of artists work, but stitches it in its foundation.

I recently discovered I am not the only one with such a passion for this style. Global Writes, a Bronx-based nonprofit organization helps students grow through live slam poetry competitions. By emulating some of my favorite and most renown modern slam poets, these children let writing enter their souls and develop a sense of expression, pride, and confidence. (Check out the video.) Who thinks your school needs a slam team? I certainly do!


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