Austin Chin and Underage Perceptions of Beauty

It is my honor to share with you a drawing by Austin Chin, a junior at Syosset High School.
This was Austin's response to a prompt: draw something ugly yet find something beautiful about it. I think he has succeeded! Although this man may look feeble and weak, something in his eyes have an untold mystery and beauty.

When speaking of his lovely work, this is what Mr. Chin said:

 Beauty is of course, a subjective topic; everyone will have his or her own opinion of what is truly "beautiful". But regardless of these beliefs, it seems possible to find beauty in almost everything - one simply needs to search for it.

Talented and profound! So readers, what is your perception of beauty? Don't just think, create: draw something beautiful to you, write about the blessings in your life, or even just snap a photo of it. Then submit so we can share the beauty with everyone. 


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