An Introduction

Who am I?
I am a poet, a dreamer, a fighter, a speaker, a listener, a seeker, a photographer, an artist, an activist, a survivor, an explorer, a lover, a friend, a sister, a daughter, but mostly, anything but ordinary.

What is this?
This is the place where I will express myself, and present my young voice to our world through creative mediums (mainly art and writing).

Time and time again I have felt oppressed and repressed because of my age. In our society, we often treat our youth as if their age inhibits them from delivering insight, shove them and their views aside, claiming that because we have witnessed less sunrises and sunsets our voices have less to offer.
I know this is a strong claim: when there are so many strangled by the chains of slavery, famine, and war, to say that I am repressed in the paradise of middle class America does sound ridiculous, but I have learnt both from quantitative numbers and personal experience that we underestimate and undervalue the opinions of today's youth. It will take many more posts to voice my opinions, study, and experience with this problem (which will come in time), but this blog is not about whining "we have a problem" without even  attempting to make a change. This blog is the change, the place where borders are shed, walls topple.

I will not allow there to be a bouncer checking identification and prohibiting minors from entering the hub of creativity, the land of expression, or the ears of this world. This is our time. This is our blog. Here I will show you my voice, and invite you to share yours.


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