The Universal Canvas

Completely drenched in glee with the creation of Underage Voices, I quickly emailed the link to a few friends and told them to look, critique, and suggest. Useful feedback came from my friend Paul, who noted:

I think the reader will get a better sense of what you mean by this is our canvas if you can make the concrete connection between your personal blog and the multitude of other people's voices. How is it their canvas but your blog? How can they communicate, or is it just meant to showcase the ability to be heard regardless of age? Or is it just their canvas via their comments?

It is my honor to tell you that this is a universal canvas. My work will be featured in posts, but so will  yours! The blog will showcase the work of many young powerful voices I see day to day, as well as voices I am yet to meet! If you are interested in expressing your young voice, send some work where it is expressed (writing, art, photography) to  along with a statement about what your voice is calling out. 

I fully understand the unwillingness to submit one's work to a website due to fear of plagiarism as a fellow artist, but I can give you nothing more than my word: Everything that is sent will be regarded with the utmost care and respect for you as a growing young voice! This is our moment, and be assured that I, nor anyone else has any intention to rob you of your insight, for there is no achievement or pride is distributing a creation that is not one's own.


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