Before I Reach My Final Rhyme

I should be studying drivers ed
But you are trapped within my head
Along with all the things you have and haven’t said
You’ve gotten me to a point where I dread
Every breath I take that can’t form into words to share with you
You’ve left me incapacitated
Hung over you
And that’s all you seem to do
Is chill by my side
But that’s not good enough for my pride
I want to dive inside the chambers of your heart
To press all your buttons and see how they start
But you keep flip flopping
And dropping
The ball
Not the good kind
Oh my
See what you’ve done
You’ve rearranged my mind
And forced me to find
Some sexual puns to drop inside my cherished poetry
Because honestly I just want you all over me
I wouldn’t say I’m in love with you
It’s too early for that
But since the time we’ve shared my spirit has not sat
You have pumped it with an unknown energy
I just want to touch you
The way you hugged me for too long as a goodbye
And how I dropped my palm into yours
And felt myself fly
But when we are amongst friends
I feel shy
I feel confined by
Social groups and graces
And I just pray someone erases the boundaries between us
Because you are just so damn cute
And not being in your arms is a total crap shoot
I’m shot by a single one of your glances
Feeling how my inner desire dances
And thrusts itself upon your page
I love that you have so many pages
Yet are impossible to read
You should just say you like me
So you can let my anxieties be free
From my form
Because I was born to meet someone like you
To greet you into the world
Because we are both new
We are fresh visitors on this planet
Yet you seem so experienced
I’m a good girl who thinks fishnets are risqué
And you have visited the fray of what is right and wrong
You’ve drank the devil’s song
And I’m frightened by the fact I find that ok
I don’t mind the world you’ve left behind
And even if it’s one you still enter
Because you are the center of my joy
You are my luxurious toy
I just want to enjoy
And although I’m supposed to be this big poetess
You have forbidden rest
Because I have all this distress
That everything I proclaim you could’ve written better
 Because you have a stronger grasp of language than me
You are not fettered by simpleton’s rhymes
But I am
You make me seem bland
Seriously I’m making all these notes
But deep down all I can think about is holding your hand
Kissing your speakers
Stroking your cheeks
Marveling at the acne there
Because it makes me aware
That you are flawed
Like me
And see that we are a possibility
I don’t know what you’ve evoked and invoked
But damn you provoked this sensuality from within my veins
That I didn’t know dwelled there
And now I feel constantly insane
Trying to pick your brain for a sign of affection
Yet all I discover is perfection
So I drench myself in reflection
Creating an inspection of my qualities
And quantities
Trying to spawn something worthwhile
In my past and future
I don’t know what to say
Except that I’m confused
And abused by these love games
Glad we’ve advanced past simple names
But terrorized by the fact you can’t just ask me out
How every moment I want to shout
And proclaim how damn fond I am of you
Because “I like you” is not sufficient
You know in bio we are always discussing the value of what’s efficient
So stop wasting time
Spark our fire
Before I reach my final rhyme.


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