Featured Voice: Opemipo Abiodun

"Have you been listening? I'm gonna tell you the point. I'm gonna feed you the point. The point is... I don't know the point, alright?"
This impassioned quote stated by Darius Lovehall in the film Love Jones is not only a line in a movie. It serves as a representation of poetry for Opemipo Abiodun, a college senior travelling through the emergence from an underage voice into an mature writer. She has a deep love for poetry.

"Poetry is the possibility of language," she says.
Below is her featured poem A Pledge. Let's see how she utilized those possibilities.

A pledge
To find
Life’s purpose
And live it vivaciously.
To make
that indelible mark
on the lives of others,
in the minds of others.
To serve
As a reminder,
An example
Of the power of ambition
And the virtues
Of resilience, drive and audacity.
That is the goal.
That is the dream.
That is the duty.
God help me.


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