How My Life Has Become A Katy Perry Song

Screw you.
I would thank you for the poetry, but that’s all you gave me.
That and this existence
Where my life is like a Katy Perry song
Because you’ve been playing hot n’ cold
Leaving me thinking of you
Even though you are just distant,
Like ET
There are fleeting moments when we share a teenage dream
But rapidly I just transform into one of the boys
And I settle for that
Because you are like a firework
You explode within my core
Forcing me to ignore
The fact you proclaim, “I Kissed A Girl”
But don’t want to put in the effort to form a relationship
I’m no fling
But I’m still breathing you in
Reliving last Friday night
Because you are just so adorable
That you’ve sewn yourself within me
You are a part of me
That I can’t discard
And when you prance around
Flashing your charm to others
Like a frisky peacock
I just keep thinking of you
Praying that you will not become the one who got away
I’m wide awake
But instants beside you make me feel like I’m submerged in a dream
It’s all so surreal
And when I drink you like a cup of coffee
I feel myself wander to new places
I’m waking up in Vegas
Looking into the mirror and finding a new me
One of those California gurls
And I’m slipping by
Trying to blame the fact we aren’t together
On the inevitable
Saying you’re so gay
That everything is the product of growing pains
But I know the only thing developing
Is my affection
For you

So thanks.
For the confusion
And diffusion of concepts
And for making my life
Into a
And merry
And wrong
Katy Perry song. 


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