For Ken

I don’t know how to say goodbye
So I’ll write a poem instead
Because that is the only thing that will encompass these thoughts in my head
And explain the costs of leaving here
I’ve been heaving up pieces of myself for years
You guys have heard my laughs and tears
Transforming my fears into art
People always focus on the ending
But what is really important is the start
This is my home
Where I’ve grown
And known myself in ways I didn’t think I could
They always tell you to step up
And this was my plate
Where I had the potential to be something great
And even when I get irate when you capitalize all 3 letters of
Because it’s a word in the dictionary
It doesn’t stand for anything
--but that’s just not true for me anymore
I must confess
That ken means “yes” in Hebrew
And that has proven to be true
Here you said
            Yes we believe I you
            Yes you can do anything your heart tells you to
            Yes there is where fantasies come true
            Yes this where the voices grew
I’ve taken on protégées and been one
And yes clubs are supposed to be fun
But this is the only one that has taken on that title
D2 is the only place that has taken a space in my soul
Not stood idle on my resume
And although it seems like just the other day
In 2011 Taylor Mali
Told me when I said I’m a member of ken
That literary art magazines always have the funniest names
And 4 years later I can say the same
Because Ken
Is not your range of vision
It’s your range of revision
And nuclear fission
It’s more than what you can see
It’s what you feel and believe
And this is the place where people believed in me
And set free a reason to write these rhymes
Here there were open ears and times
When you listened to me
When I couldn’t even bear to listen to myself
This was a wealth of waving hands
And genuine smiles
And I would walk miles
If that’s what it took to get me one more hand up
To answer the prompt
You have stomped the rhythm of my heart beat
Every time I saw your feet walk though that door
You gave me art and writing
And I always wanted more
And I’ve been in a bunch of activities
I’ve won more than one prize
But the greatest of all is that look in your eyes
When I’ve inspired you
Or you’ve inspired me
When I truly am your president
And I don’t know where this year went
I just know that I love you so much
You are my children
            My friends
And when this meeting ends
I don’t think those things ever should
And I’m going really far away
More towns that I could ever say
But I pray that we’ll stay close
Because this is one of the things that’ve touched me the most
It’s been the host of the person I want to be and become
And if I could strum each moment together
It’d be the most beautiful song
Because as a friend said
            This is where I belong
And saying goodbye feels all wrong
Because nothing could replace
The smile on my face that you’ve stenciled in
Because the truth doesn’t exist until someone bears witness to it
And you have been my audience
I know you all have the sense
To ensure that this club will
As the giant it is today
So this is the one thing I have left to say
I might be leaving Ken

But Ken will never go away.


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