Let's Go Stealing Hearts

I should’ve kissed him
And him
And him
Should’ve kissed him hard
On the lips
As he held my hips
As a sensation dripped
Down the tips of my tongue
But I’m just wrung too tight
I’ve kept waiting for the moment to be right
But now I’m nearly 18
And never seen a romantic flight
Is confined to a test tube in my chest
And in this life every moment is a test
And I just can’t address
These feelings
I keep reeling them in
Transforming them into poetry
But I’m tired of words on a page
On want them on my mouth
I want to act
And shout
And eradicate the doubt
That I’m too young for love
Because I’ve been in prospect park
Far too long
And I want to hear a minstrel’s song
As I row across
The boat house at central
I want to glimpse at the gloss on his lips
And know I’m where it came from
Because I’m tired of being strummed along
I’m tired of wearing grandma bloomers
When I look better in a thong
And I mean this in a metaphorical sense
Don’t get your panties in a bunch
I need to act on a simple hunch
Take a break for hand holding
Instead of lunch
I want to bunch
The emotions steaming through my body
And throw them at a Y chromosome
Like punting a football
Hoping that some teammate will catch it
Stare into the darkness
And confess
I don’t want it lit
Graze each summer day across
A no longer stranger’s chest
Roll around like a hound in a mess
And adorn dirt like a dress
I want to be wild
Because I’m no longer a child
I’m a pair of hands and feet and lips
Sewed to a heart
And I need something to start
Or ignite
Because there is nothing duller than the bonds of fright
Let’s feel more than feelings
Let’s go stealing hearts
And throw them at walls like plates bound to be broken
Because I have more to give than a token
I’m standing here
Arms out stretched
Rippling in an ocean of hands
Splitting me
Breaking my rib cage
Because beneath the veins and arteries
There’s an organ
That’s wants to be stopped
By you
Because I missed you
I should’ve kissed you
On the lips.


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