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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dirty Little Secret

Enjoy this poem, it's inspired by a song by the All American Rejects.

I’ve been your dirty little secret
I wish I could tell everyone I’m more than another regret
The feeling when we’re alone, I wish I could keep it
But for now I’m just a dirty little secret

And yes I know
We’re trying to survive
These fragile lives
I have one thing to ask, to do
Am I just wasting my time with you?

Don’t let me be something you’ve thrown away
I know that this is more than a game we play
I’m not the only one who has to know

Stop making me a dirty little secret
Keep going and I know you’re going to regret
I’m the perfect girl you failed to have kept
Your lovely dirty little secret

And I know
The way I feel inside
And you can’t deny
These romantic thoughts won’t lie
Because I swear mine refuse to hide
They’re shattering me apart
Push down that peddle it’s time to start
Honk those horns, be brave and beep it
And make me more than a dirty little secret.

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