Get Over It

I recently got into a fight with a close friend. So here is the only way I can get over it--poetry.

Get Over It

He stared at me
His off-white eyeballs contrasting with his amber skin
And I saw no look of remorse
No quiver of compassion or comprehension in the curve of his mouth
And I realized that he wasn’t going to change
He was going to leave everything the way it was
It didn’t matter if he hurt me
If the helpless feeling pierced the walls of flesh within me
If I feel like I wanted to scream and throw myself onto the floor
In front of everyone in 9th period research
All that was important to him
Was that he got what he wanted
That his decision was the one that stayed
If he had slapped me
It wouldn’t have infuriated me as much

But he didn’t slap me
He stabbed me in the feelings
In the part of your stomach in a way that makes it churn for hours
In the area of your throat that makes it feel like there is a mouthful of water that won’t descend
In the face that makes it become a capricious creature—shifting from dead white back to humiliated pink
And back
And over
And over again
And at that moment
I wasn’t sure I wanted to be friends anymore

I’ve been here at my computer
Somehow expecting an apology to emerge on the screen
It didn’t that afternoon
The evening
This morning
This day
This night
And I don’t think it will

And I don’t think I’m going to get over this.


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