We, Not They

Cue the depressing love poems!

We, Not They
You are the guy with whom I thought I would end up crashing a glass under my white heels
She is the girl with the stunning eyes and flawless face
You are the boy who is going to ask her to prom
She is perfection, everyone’s desire, and acres out of your league
I am the girl who let your piercing words echo through my eardrums
You are the guy who told me you are going to send blushing roses to her doorstep
I am the girl who hoped to be your conciliation prize
You are the jerk who said your back-up is my generic best friend
He is the guy I know is everything you’re not
I am the girl who is falling for everything I never wanted
He is the guy who clenches my books as we stroll across the clustered hallways
I am the one who was supposed to be with you but is starting to prefer the look in his eye
We are the couple that was meant to hold each other
They are wrong
They are our ignorant impulsive mistakes
We are beautiful
We are just having trouble witnessing our splendor.


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