After Advanced Writing Studio

Peer editing can be an agonizing experience. So what do I do? Continue diving into the pit of poetry and writing about it. Tear this apart, folks.

After Advanced Writing Studio

Upon me lies an endless stack of papers
Drooling with red ink
Each page has different penmanship
Although each letter has different curves
Some angular
Some light like they were engraved with the end of a feather
Some polished like the text of a modern machine
I know they all say the same thing:

This is good.
Not art.
You can do better.

And so I must follow the orders of the pencil markings
Upon a poem I thought was a masterpiece
And rip out the stiches I crocheted between words

I want to shout at the cantankerous peer
Who scribbled

Shallow poetry.
Dislike Hate the rhyme scheme
Reminds me of a wanna-be rap
This is rather amerature

What gives you the right to criticize I when you
Over confident pseudo-intellectual
Don’t have the capacity to spell amateur correctly?
Do you bother to tell me how to improve?
Of course not.
Even if my poetry is dwelling amongst the ashes
It’s not like you wish to assist me in beautify it
*Stomps Foot*

I hate peer editing.


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