Dear World

Dear World
Where you have to pay extra to have your food without chemicals
Where not being the most obese country is an accomplishment
Where Kim Kardashian's butt has more hits than a KKK leader's face
Where steroids come cheaper than cancer treatments
And college acceptances are proportional to the amount of foreign children you pretended to care about

Dear Society
Where rapists have more rights than single mothers
And some places you can't marry someone of the same sex but three of your brothers
Where free speech is suspended in the schoolhouse and the airport
Where we trust E! News more than the government
Where we hold our noses at the scent of gas yet fight wars over it
Where we have to be told housewives are real
And we're not surprised when former teen sensations steal
We look for talent on reality shows but not in reality
And soldiers get paid less than "personalities"
And your tax proportionality changes with your salary
Where most people who text have never read a literary one
And you can get cancer from the sun
And people are more concerned with the price of sneakers than the cost of the Holocaust
Lost had more viewers than the presidential election
And kids are told to become surgeons before their first dissection

Dear Planet
Where virgins and whores get the same amount of ridicule
And we're still learning about the Great Gatsby when we finish school
Being a tool has become an insult
And guys are players and girls are sluts
I'm not allowed to be obese
But that girl with bulimia can swallow big fat lies
Where it takes just as much effort to fit in as to stand out
Where we are naive yet have so much doubt

Dear Home
Where the music of life never stops
And no one judges you 
If you don't know how many licks it takes to get to the center of your tootsie pop
The same radio can play blues and rock
Where tragedy collides us closest together
And you can't mention best friends without thinking forever
You don't need a tether to punch some balls
Where love is the most unrecoverable fall
Where sweethearts can last after high school
(seriously have you seen the expiration date on those things?)
And it doesn't need a diamond to be a wedding ring
Where people like him give you his heart without you even reaching out for it
And you can pop more parts of your body than a stubborn zit
Where I'm done never means this is it

I just want to know
What do you want to hear?
Because every time I write I start drowning in fear
That my message won't be clear
Because this world has a thousand wheels and I'm not sure which to steer
Where nothing makes sense
Why would anyone want to hear my two cents?
I've had the misfortune of being designed as a writer
Which makes me
A high fighter
And fire lighter
Resource sighter
and far citer
I have to take the realm by its teeth
And pull it wider and wider
Until it can swallow my soul whole
So dear world
Where do you want this poem go?


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