I Hate You For Making Me Love You

It was pretty damn inconsiderate of you
To make me love you so late
You unravelled my fate
Precipitated acid on the prospect of another date
Because nothing can sate
The erratic and irate feelings I've developed
Why did you wait
Until we were no longer possible
When you had the power to nullify all the new possibilities 
When the hopes of my heart can't keep up with the world's facilities 
Missing you
Is missing me
The piece I wish I had
The one that could make me whole
But instead grows the hole
Within my soul
I'm crossing this bridge
And I can't afford the toll
Rolling dice 
Begging for advice
That no one can provide
Hitch hiking on someone else's highway
Stomach turned sideways next to my upraised thumb
Because I'm tired of being strummed around like a guitar
The last player took it too far
And now you're just the first star
I can make wishes on
But can never touch
I just don't understand how my hands and lips belong to you
And you won't even claim them
I'm not ready to hem my fantasies 
Put us in parenthesis
And exclude us from the core of this sentence
You're the dentist 
That brushed the candy off my teeth
The janitor who swept the ground beneath my feet
And now I'm flying and falling at the same time 
Most awake when I sleep
Because dreams are the only place you're close to me
It's never real in reality
And my heart has been beat
Lungs left like deflated balloons on the street
Because you gave me a scrap and left me desperate for the entire sheet
And I hate you
Because there's no debate you
Came too late. 


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