AP Comparative

As I'm waiting for the AP to rape me
With multiple choice that berates me
And part twos that degrade me
Back to grade eight
The boy in front of me decides to display
His misplaced mis-placed face

"You know your poem about a girl being abused by poetry really freaked me out."

I restrained my pain and need to shout
Because I've reached a new pathetic peak
The ability to freak out a freak
He tells me I inspired him to tweet 
One of his greatest tweets of all twime
How divine
I said 
When I wished he would just eat me instead
Because that would bring less dread to my head
But I wasn't that strong
Because what was wrong with this kid
Was that he is known for strangling people.
Yes--I can't make this up--strangling people.
They say he got kicked out of private school for it
And thrown in our hall in the fall
I suppose he's never been to the mall
Because he wears Brandeis sweatshirts every day
Okay, I sound like a bitch.
But my personality tends to switch
When someone I despise looks at me with crossed eyes
And states the poetry I create is weird
Last week he tried to convince us that babies are selfish evil creatures
And the 1 child policy in China has been expanded to 3
Fucking 3!
Excuse me
I wrote a poem about how poetry abused me
And it doesn't amuse me
That when I try to be a creative rebel 
It pulls me down to his level
And his hands aren't red
Mine are
Because I said for everyone to jump in my rhetoric car
And it's juvenile of me to think 
That we'd reach the brink of a mile
Before someone said they didn't like the seats
And I'm not allowed to get heated
Because someone read my work
Then got worked up
The earth isn't going to erupt
And bestow on me emerald pens
But if someone is going to say I've produced crap
I'd rather it be my friends.


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