If there is any game I’m good at
It’s risk
I’m not afraid to whisk myself
To where there is a wealth of danger
I undress my soul for strangers
And I reach for the fire
I can’t stop drop and roll
Because I was not meant to be of the same mold
I’ve never been content
Leaving my head bent down
And ambitions barely off the ground
I’ve been listening to glory’s sound
And I’ve found that I don’t want to take a walk around
The peripheral of success
I have a need to be the girl in the couture dress
With 100 fortune lane
As my I address
I confess that I think less of those who settle
Who feel special
Being a pot on a shelf with a wealth of kettles
I don’t want the Ivy League
I want the Big League
I want to intrigue nations and celebrities
I want to believe
In all my fantasies
It’s great being a doctor or lawyer
But I breathe in visions of becoming Tom Sawyer
A hero who goes and defeats demons
I’m not content with making lemonade with my lemons
They should be liquid gold
And I’ve been told
That always standing out
Using clothes and poetry to shout
Is stupid and dangerous
But I don’t do it for a rush
I do it because I’m a me
Not an us
And no wish was accomplished
Without a risk
Because those have the highest rewards
And although I have less awards
I’ve got hoards of potential
Standard has limited fates
But mine are exponential
There’s a drug I’ve been taking
Now don’t be mistaking this for a biological twist
But it certainly is illegal in suburbia
With its picket fences and choreographed dances
Because I have been taking chances
Since the time I wore my pants inside out in 3 grade
To when I took the queen of spades
And wasn’t afraid to shoot for the moon
I want to encompass
The prowess of the hippies and baby boom
And not be afraid to bloom in another season
With simply the reason that perhaps my petals
Will settle
In a more beautiful spread
There are no voices in my head
But I certainly am crazy
Because I find conformity lazy
And the concept of losing moments of success
Doesn’t raze me
Just raises me
I won’t flee from adventure
I will venture into the unknown
Likely to fail
But also likely to have grown
And I have shown up
For life
That game is boring and tame
Unless you play it along with



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