Beautiful Delusions

I like you because you don’t make sense
You put me on the defense
Because you can’t attack if the other army is on the fence
Lingering through your mind
I think I wanted to find
Something I couldn’t discover
I love that I can’t uncover
Thin spots of skin
That can take me under
Yet you are anesthesia
You make me numb
I don’t how to act
Not become dumb
Because you strum me like a guitar
Yet don’t play me
You invigorate me
Restate me
Into a state of confusion
Beautiful delusions
You ask me questions I’m afraid to answer
And it doesn’t feel like intrusion
It feels right
You’ve got this light
That has redesigned my sight
Because I’m surrounded in smoke
Dumbfounded by things your heart wrote
And I thought I was trying to reach the castle
But I’m more fascinated by the moat
I want to go fishing for your demons
Begin runs for treasure
Because you’re the kind of guy that stimulates
Together and forever
I don’t have balls but I’m tethered
To you
To the things I don’t know if you’ll do
Because mystery is hot
And you’ve shot me with adrenaline
This feeling that you distantly admire me
That fires me
With all these passions all too early
You twirl me like a baton
And I’m terrified of being dropped
Or topped by another spectacle
Because regardless of how thick we make them
Nothing shatters quite as quickly as a shell
And this spell
You’ve cast on me
Is doing swell
Because damn it lasts on me
And normally feeling this way inhibits my ability to breathe
But this just breeds the inhalation
Because each particle of oxygen I take in feels like celebration
Of your soft spoken deliberation
Your love of creation
And no need for stimulation
Because I watch the way you watch things
And it makes me feel alive
For the first time
And I’m looking for a sign of no signs
Time in a land without it
Because my circulation has been having a fit
Ever since the guy who I thought couldn’t stand me
Hasn’t stood me up
But helped me stand up
You’re the water pouring out of the overfilled cup
I don’t know where you’ll flow
And I love that I can’t understand you
Because I can’t predict where we’ll go.


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