Unnecessary Untrue Angry Bitchy Rant

I'm not a fish

So don't you feed me a line
Say you don't want a relationship
And expect that to be just fine
I might be blonde
But I'm sure as hell not blind
What did expect to find
A bitch to kiss
With nothing in her mind
I refuse to be ordinary
A testing canary
Giving you everything
While you go stealing feelings
Saying the fruits are unnecessary
But here you go take some peelings
Have you met me?

Thinking that ignoring me would translate as adoring me
Take a peek as I'm losing sleep
But prick, I'm snoring
Are you fucking blind?
I'm the girl who puts her body on stage to show off her mind
So think that some cliche would get you to stay
Looking all upset as I hand back your jacket
When you let me go
Don't you know
I'm the heart heater
Palm reader
That will stone and dethrone you
The one whose shown you 
I stand
But not for shit
Because you're like a zit
There's many more of you

So I hope you're wondering
What is she going to do
Because its certainly not you
I'm not going to fuck or fight you
See or sight you
Because I'm too colorful to be blue
And now that we're through
I'll be the girl everyone wants to know
And you only knew
And I'm not going to brew some attention
Because its already arrived with your pretention
Because what college freshman carries business cards in his pocket
Thinking they can get a girl like me in their locket
You can't afford her so you you're going to have to shoplift

And if you have the rift if what I'm saying
You'd realize I'm just playing
Because hating you
Only proves how much I cared
About what you teared and tore
Declared and swore
Because I still need to say all of this and more
Dropping my jacket back at your door.


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