So people want to know where I'll go with my writing
And I've been fighting the instinct to select something distinct
I dance around romance, comedy, horror and drama
But there's whispers lingering in my ears
A voice that I can't refuse to hear
Because it's become clear that I'm meant to write melodrama
Not venture to adventure
Because I live to fashion over the top passion
Wounded hearts spilling all over the floor
Revolutions slamming down fragile doors
Tales of jails and confined whores
I like to start love rhyming long before the timing
Chiming in all sorts of seductive sin
Shackle in a cackle before a chuckle or a grin
Because the world is much more inviting in italics
Destruction more interesting in a forbidden palace
Hate more great when drenched in malice
I want to be in wonderland even though I'm not Alice
I refuse to be confined in realistic lines of drama
I want to write the oversold untold story of Schwarzenegger's baby mama
Wars between Bush and Obama
Find calls for sex inscribed in texts
Because overreacting is my reflex
My ex shouldn't be chillin'
But a villain sawing through my chest
There should be schisms in prisms and visions
Of light in the night
No sight
Because the lies are so bright
And to me every fight should be a massacre
And emotions a ticking bomb you cannot defer
Because I prefer to live out loud
Be proud of writing in a red pen
Not afraid of what will stem 
From being too forward 
And intense
I like it better when things are tense
Shoving the world over the fence
And onto the defense
I am the challenger
Who told Mother earth I'd challenge her
To say what she means
And do it right away
Because the only kind of play I'm interested in
Is with words
This existence is a celebration 
There's no time for hesitation
Or abbreviation of feeling
Because being mellow with out drama
Is just reeling it in
Stealing the chance
To dance with danger
Be more than a stranger
I feel blessed with every mess
Because creativity grows with mold
Change is what unfolds
In broken dishes and hearts
Evolution is what starts
When you're not afraid to let things die
Clarity only arrives when you're brave enough to cry
For vulnerability is possibility
Chasing what's lost builds agility
and the ability to keep it in the first place
So I'm not going to write 
But ignite
Beasts of beauties 
At first sight
Because life a task that moves fast
And art should have the same pace.


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